Hawthorne is old school cool.

Hawthorne is old school cool.

Hawthorne is the granddaddy of cool Portland neighborhoods. Back when the Pearl district was just a gleam in some developer’s eye, Hawthorne was already attracting artists, trendsetters, and fashionistas to parade the streets and sell their wares. On the day I visited, a man was sketching portraits on the fly for a few bucks, and despite it cold, dreary weather a young couple had stopped to take him up on the offer. For all its bustle, Hawthorne offers more of everything that gives Portland its charm. 




No matter what your dietary predilection, the Cup and Saucer Cafe as your brunch covered. The lines are sometimes long, but a hot, sweet, and slightly vanilla flavored scone will keep body and soul together while you wait. Vegan hotcakes with a side of tofu scramble? Check. Sustainable ethos and affordability? Checkity-check!

Three Doors Down Cafe is another old school Hawthorne institution. With a relaxed vibe, but an impressive menu this is your go-to place for a special evening. Trendier restaurants have come and gone, but 3 Doors Down Cafe keeps its customers coming back for food that’s consistently delicious and service that is reliably thoughtful.


Need a retro 80s hair metal t-shirt or bedazzled Christmas sweater for a theme party? Or perhaps you just like your fashion on the funkier side. The Red Light Clothing Exchange has proven to be something of a one-stop shop for used clothing, with an eye for quality and affordability. With a huge inventory in a wide-range of eras and styles, it is hard to walk out empty-handed.

If it is true that there’s a link between your memory and your sense of smell, then you could say that Escential Oils and Lotions is a room full of delicious future memories. Get their custom scented soaps and lotions in travel size for an upcoming trip and relive those vacation memories any time in the shower. Or just mix up your perfect signature blend from the many perfume and essential oils.

For the footwear connoisseur, Hawthorne offers Imelda’s and Louie’s Shoes, two shops that will give you plenty of “foot candy” to lust for. From shiny, leather boots to perfectly elegant pumps, there’s so much to see at Imelda’s. Louie’s, next door, offers the same quality of designer footwear to keep the men looking sharp too.

Presents of Mind offers unique gifts for just about every type of person. A fun mix of clothing and accessories plus stationary, books and novelties, this shop carries a great selection of items made by local designers, so there are plenty of ways to show your Portland pride.


The Bagdad Theater and Pub represents the genius of the McMenamins chain: combining a historic building with food and brew. In this case, the building is a gorgeous Golden Era theater decorated in stunning Mediterranean designs and colorful mosaics, but if that’s not enough for you there’s always the $3 movies and beer. During the summer, the outdoor seating offers perhaps the best people watching in the whole city.